About Us

Andrew Coffelt
Owner & CPO Technician

Andrew is an Army veteran and former LEO. His standards of excellence are high in everything he does, that includes your pool service.

Jessica Coffelt
Owner & CPO Technician

As a lead of the company she sets a high standard of excellence and customer service.

Hello we are Andrew and Jessica, the proud owners of Forever Blue Pool and Spa.  I’m Andrew, a military veteran, former LEO and Department of State instructor.  I’ve spent most of my life serving my country and community because it is what I love to do.  I’m Jessica, a strong and creative woman that has been by Andrew’s side for all of these life experiences, along with our four children.  Florida is our most recent home. We have had the opportunity to live all over the states from Utah to Texas, Virginia to North Carolina, and more!  We love to be involved in the community and soaking up all of the fun things the state has to offer.  Florida has been impressive so far with the white sand beaches and sunny days.  Our children have enjoyed all of the opportunities from swimming to discovering sea life. We might need to get more storage for all of these sea shells!  We are excited to be of service to you and your family. If we can keep four kids in line, I’m sure your pool will be no match for us.  Our veteran owned and operated business will provide expert maintenance services for homeowners from Panama City to Destin, Florida and everywhere in between.


Have you ever called for a service and the technician shows up with a messy vehicle that has trash falling out of it? Have you ever had an experience where a technician has a bad attitude or is rude to you? Have you ever had a technician that acts like he wants to be somewhere else? We know we have!  That is why we will always be on time, communicate effectively, with a professional appearance, and provide excellent service.


Forever Blue wants you to have a pool experience that you can enjoy without having to deal with all the stress of maintaining it. We promise to treat you with honor and integrity while providing you with an excellent service.  All of our technicians are CPO certified and dedicated to maintaining precise water chemistry with every pool and/or spa.